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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cat’s Brain

A cat’s brain is million times faster than an iPad and it is able to store 1,000 times more data.

A cat’s brain bears a lot of resemblance with the human brain. Studies conducted over four years ago point to numerous similarities between the two. We often think of man’s best friend – dogs – as the smartest domestic pet. But according to some feline intelligence experts, cats are as smart as dogs — just in different ways.

A cat can fend for herself — she is not a pack animal as is a dog, who often depends on others for hunting food. And when have you seen a healthy cat who could not take care of most of her own grooming needs? Adding to cats’ high intellectual standards and their cautious behavior is their outstanding curiosity.

Even after years of studying the cat’s brain, which is highly developed, we will probably never learn all there is to know about feline intelligence levels. But an article by the Scientific American on how different brains compare versus computers put a cat’s data storage capability at 1,000 times more than the iPad with the speed a million times faster!

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