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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm is the modern name of a temple at Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and originally called Rajavihara. Located approximately one kilometre east of Angkor Thom and on the southern edge of the East Baray, it was founded by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII as a Mahayana Buddhist monastery and university.

Unlike most Angkorian temples, Ta Prohm has been left in much the same condition in which it was found. The photogenic and atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings have made it one of Angkor’s most popular temples with visitors. UNESCO inscribed Ta Prohm on the World Heritage List in 1992. Today, it is one of the most visited complexes in Cambodia’s Angkor region.

The temple of Ta Prohm was also used as a location in the film Tomb Raider.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

World's longest Bullet Train Service

China started service Wednesday on the world's longest high-speed rail route, the latest milestone in the country's rapid and - sometimes troubled - super fast rail network.

The opening of the new 2,298-kilometre (1,425-mile) line between Beijing and Guangzhou means passengers will be whisked from the capital to the southern commercial hub in just eight hours, compared with the 22 hours previously required.

Trains will travel at an average speed of 300 kilometres per hour over the line, which includes 35 stops in major cities such as Zhengzhou, Wuhan on the Yangtze River and Changsha.

China's high-speed rail network was established in 2007, but has fast become the world's largest with 8,358 kilometres of track at the end of 2010. That is expected to almost double to 16,000 kilometres by 2020

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Solar Powered Electric Bonsai Tree

Created by French designer Vivien Muller, the Electree+ conceals a USB connection underneath its wood-topped base unit.The designer said he was inspired to make the product after observing real trees, noticing that their leaves acted as natural solar panels.

The designer is waiting to receive 400 presale orders for the product before commencing production.
But while the gadget may cut down on your energy bills, it might take you a while to recoup the savings, as it will costs £283.

It looks like a bonsai tree and features solar panels that gather energy to charge an iPhone or other electronic device. The electree+ harvests solar energy through 27 high-quality amorphous-silicon square solar panels, each 3.7 inches wide.

Energy is stored in a 14,000mAh internal battery capable of recharging an iPhone5 over nine times, a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone seven times, or an iPad 2 twice, without needing light exposure on a single charge.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fluke 434 Energy Analyzer

The Fluke 434 II Energy Analyzer is the ideal tool for energy logging. Utilizing the new Energy Loss Calculator function, the 434 II measures the fiscal cost of energy wasted due to poor power quality. This energy monetization capability allows you to identify the most energy-wasteful areas of your facility so you can determine potential energy saving solutions. Add basic power quality measurements to the package and you’re got yourself one powerful troubleshooting tool.


Energy monetization – calculate the fiscal cost of energy waste due to poor power quality
Energy assessment – quantify the before and after installation improvements in energy consumption to justify energy saving devices
Frontline troubleshooting – quickly diagnose problems on-screen to get your operation back online
Predictive maintenance – detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime
Long-term analysis – uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues
Load studies – verify electrical system capacity before adding loads

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Top 10 Private Jets

10. John Travolta’s Boeing 707


 This Hollywood celebrity is also an avid flyer. His interest in aircraft can be judged from the fact that John literally lives on a runway. His private mansion boasts parking for jets along with automobile. Travolta has achieved Captain qualification for numerous jets including Gulfstream II, Learjet 24, Hawker 1A, Citation 1 and 2, Tebuan and Vampire Jet. Recently this experienced pilot flew a cargo flight of his Boeing 707 for Haiti earthquake victims. 


9. Harrison ford’s Cessna 525B CJ3


This cinema sensation is also an able pilot. His private Cessna 525B CJ3 is a very popular private jet among corporates. This flying luxury costs around 6 million USD. The CJ3 can carry six people non-stop to any destination within 1900 nautical miles. Harrison Ford who loves to pilot his jet himself is also the FAA spokesman for the runway incursion awareness and prevention campaign that the agency started in 2001.

8. Donald Trump’s Boeing 727


This vintage jet once formed a part of American Airlines fleet. Bought in 1968, the jet was given an overhaul to provide luxury travel for upto 23 passengers. The interior boasts comfy furniture,oil paintings, gold plated seat buckles and ambient lighting. The paint job of this jet is also very unique and extravagant. The 30 feet long Trump logo on the fuselage is made from 23 carat gold leaf.

7. Bill gates Bombardier BD-700 Global Express


This is a top of the line corporate business jet available in aviation market. This flying luxury is the number 1 choice of travel for numerous tycoons around the planet. The Chairman of MS Corp. also owns one such beauty for his travel.The Bombardier can cruise at 51,000 feet with a payload of 8 VIPs. It has an excellent range of 6,500 nautical miles allowing non-stop Tokyo-New York or Los Angeles-Moscow flights.

6. Roman Abramovich’s Boeing 767


Roman Abramovich is a russian businessman with an estimated fortune of $ 11.2 billion. The owner of of the private investment company Millhouse LLC, Roman is the fourth richest man in Russia. The insides of this flying private palace are little known though it is reportedly outfitted with chestnut and decorated with gold. The Chelsea club owner extends seclusion of his daily life to air travel through this private 767.

5. Elvis Presley’s Convair 880


Elvis Presley bought this jet in 1975 after its expulsion from Delta Airlines. The vintage Convair 880 was purchased for the then substantial amount of $250,000. The aircraft was extravagantly customized to a 28 seater from the usual 110. The post over haul cost was estimated to be $600,000. Elvis rechristened his private aircraft after his daughter “Lisa Marie”. The aircraft survives today in good condition.

4. Mark Cuban’s Boeing 767


 Billionaire Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team also owns a healthy fleet of private jets. His private fleet includes Gulfstream V, Boeing 757 and 767. In addition to other lavish upgrades, the 767 is reportedly fitted with custom made seats that are large enough to accommodate the tallest team player.


3. Brunei Sultan’s Boeing 747


When it comes to lavish life style the Sultan of Brunei is one of the most extravagant ruler in the world. The Sultan was literally fed with gold spoons after his birth. His private Boeing 747 is considered to be the most luxurious jet in the world. Bought in an excess of $100 million, an additional $120 million were spent to plush the interior with gold furniture and fittings. The over haul included bedrooms, lounges, bars and the installation of a whirl pool bath made entirely out of gold.

2. USA President’s Air Force 1


Air Force One is the official air traffic control call sign of any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. Since 1990, the presidential fleet has consisted of two specifically configured, highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft with serial numbers “28000″ and “29000″ with Air Force designation “VC-25A”. While these aircraft have the call sign “Air Force One” only while the president is on board, the term is still used colloquially to describe either of the two aircraft normally used and maintained by the U.S. Air Force solely for the president, as well as any additional Air Force aircraft used by the president. The aircraft might not be the most luxurious but it surely is the safest plane in the world. Air Force 1 is heavily modified with state of the art defense counter measures providing fool proof safety to its precious cargo.

1. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud’s A380


The Saudi Prince has decided to invest a major chunk of his oil wealth in buying a flying palace. Prince Al-Waleed is set to become the owner of the first private custom built A380 jet at a whopping cost of $485 million. The lavish interior is being designed by the prestigious British firm “Design Q”. The plane initially designed for a staggering 600 passengers will be cleared up to provide unimaginable amenities in flight including on-board garage, prayer room with computer generated mats that always face Makkah and luxury bedrooms for upto 20 guests. Other major attractions for this exotic comfort opulence include a concert hall that seats ten and has a baby grand piano; a boardroom with a holographic projector; and a full size steamroom. The most entertaining perk is a “Wellbeing Room” which has a floor upon which is projected an enormous image of what the plane is flying over, thus creating a “magic carpet” effect. The most incredible touch might just be the approximately $58 million he is spending to have the plane painted in gold leaf on the outside.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier, is a lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. It is the most prominent lacustrine feature on any island of the archipelago and air passengers often take note of it.

 The specialty of this lake is its flamboyant colour, rose pink. The colour is permanent, as it does not alter when the water is taken in a container. The length of the lake is about six hundred meters. A narrow strip of land composed of sand dunes covered by vegetation separates it from the ocean. The lake is surrounded by a rim of white salt and a dense woodland of paperbark and eucalypt trees with sand dunes separating the lake from the Southern Ocean to the north.

The island and lake are thought to have been first charted by the Flinders expedition in 1802. Captain Flinders is said to have observed the pink lake after ascending the island's peak. John Thistle, the ships master, collected some of the lake's water which he found to be saturated with salt.The reason for the lake's colour is still under investigation, and so far no one has come up with a reasonable explanation. However, the most probable explanation according to some scientists involves the low nutrient concentrations and different types of bacteria and algae that are responsible for the lake's pink colour. The lake is one of the natural wonders of Australia.
The pink coloration of the lake water could be from a sea salt and nahcolite (sodium bicarbonate) deposit reaction as well as red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts.

Heaven Gate Mountain

This is called"Gate to Heaven"

About 8KM from downtown of Zhangjiajie lies the Tianmen Mountain, also known as Heaven Gate Mountain.

This beautiful site is quite a journey to get to through a 7 mile hike. The Chinese people believe that t
his is the Closest Earth Landmark To God.

For those unable to trek, they have a cable car that is considered the longest cable ride in the world- A distance of 7455m Also on the top is a 500 year old Temple.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Electrical Power Substations

Outdoor Substations are used for all voltage levels from 52 to 765 kV. They are built outside cities, usually at points along the cross-country lines of bulk transmission systems.

They comprise switchgear like circuit breakers, disconnectors, instrument transformers, power transformers, surge arrestors and busbars.

The control and protection equipment is housed in central buildings or in small switching bay oriented containers in the switchyard

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Electrical Power Substations

 The hybrid HVDC breaker

ABB has successfully designed and developed a hybrid DC breaker after years of research, functional testing and simulation in the R&D laboratories. This breaker is a breakthrough that solves a technical challenge that has been unresolved for over a hundred years and was perhaps one the main influencers in the ‘war of currents‘ outcome. The ‘hybrid’ breaker combines

mechanical and power electronics switching that enables it to interrupt power flows equivalent to the output of a nuclear power station within 5 milliseconds – that’s as fast as a honey bee takes per flap of its wing – and twice as fast as it takes Usain Bolt to react to the starter’s gun! But its not just about speed. The challenge was to do it ‘ultra-fast’ with minimal operational losses and this has been achieved by combining advanced ultrafast mechanical actuators with our inhouse semiconductor IGBT valve technologies or power electronics (watch video: Hybrid HVDC Breaker – How does it work).

In terms of significance, this breaker is a ‘game changer’. It removes a significant stumbling block in the development of HVDC transmission grids where planning can start now. These grids will enable interconnection and load balancing between HVDC power superhighways integrating renewables and transporting bulk power across long distances with minimal losses. DC grids will enable sharing of resources like lines and converter stations that provides reliability and redundancy in a power network in an economically viable manner with minimal losses. ABB’s new Hybrid HVDC breaker, in simple terms will enable the transmission system to maintain power flow even if there is a fault on one of the lines.

This is a major achievement for the global R&D team in ABB who have worked for years on the challenge and finally come up with a circuit breaker capable of blocking and breaking DC currents at thousands of amperes and several hundred thousands of volts - corresponding to the average power consumption of one million Europeans ! It amounts to stopping power capable of feeding a large city much faster than an eye blink ! This speed helps protect the DC transmission system and prevent power outages in new low loss compact power superhighways. The next step is to install the breaker in pilot installations.

HVDC transmission remains a technology of choice for bulk power transmission over long distances with minimum losses. HVDC lines also require less space and are capable of going underground or underwater. Voltage source converter based HVDC applications in embedded AC grids and for offshore connections have grown substantially, in line with quantum leaps in power ratings and significant loss reductions. ABB pioneered HVDC transmission nearly 60 years ago and accounts for half the world’s HVDC installed base. It is befitting that the company that commissioned the world’s first 800 kilovolt UHVDC systems, the longest overhead HVDC link to go into commercial operation, the world’s longest underwater and underground HVDC links now writes the next chapter in the history of this technology and marks an important milestone in the legacy of electrical engineering.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Concentrating solar power plants produce electric power by converting the sun's energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations. The heat is then channelled through a conventional generator. The plants consist of two parts: one that collects solar energy and converts it to heat, and another that converts heat energy to electricity.

ing solar power systems can be sized for village power (10 kilowatts) or grid-connected applications (up to 100 megawatts). Some systems use thermal storage during cloudy periods or at night. Others can be combined with natural gas and the resulting hybrid power plants provide high-value, dispatchable power. These attributes, along with world record solar-to-electric conversion efficiencies, make concentrating solar power an attractive renewable energy option in the Southwest and other sunbelt regions worldwide. There are four CSP technologies being promoted internationally. For each of these, there exists various design variations or different configurations. The amount of power generated by a concentrating solar power plant depends on the amount of direct sunlight. Like concentrating photovoltaic concentrators, these technologies use only direct-beam sunlight, rather than diffuse solar radiation.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Freefall Record

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will attempt to make history with the Red Bull Stratos project by leaping from a capsule attached to a helium balloon at a height of more than 36 kilometres – breaking four world records in the process.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Largest Greenhouse in the World

The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, UK, and it is home to the world’s largest greenhouse. Inside the artificial biomes are plants that are collected from all around the world. The project is located in a reclaimed Kaolinite pit (clay China), located 1.25 mi (2 kilometres) from the town of St Blazey and 5 kilometres (3 mi) from the larger town of St Austell, Cornwall.

The complex is dominated by two huge enclosures consisting of adjoining domes that house thousands of plant species. Each enclosure emulates a natural biome. The first dome emulates a tropical environment, and the second a Mediterranean environment. The domes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames.

Here is a photo of this incredible place. Enjoy! And be sure to check out for all visitor and event information.

The Eden Project Biomes

The Tropical Biome, covers 1.56 hectares (3.9 acres) and measures 55 metres (180 ft) high, 100 metres (328 ft) wide and 200 metres (656 ft) long. It is used for tropical plants, such as fruiting banana trees, coffee, rubber and giant bamboo, and is kept at a tropical temperature and moisture level.

The Mediterranean Biome covers 0.654 hectares (1.6 acres) and measures 35 metres (115 ft) high, 65 metres (213 ft) wide and 135 metres (443 ft) long. It houses familiar warm temperate and arid plants such as olives and grape vines and various sculptures.

The Outdoor Biome (which is not covered) represents the temperate regions of the world with plants such as tea, lavender, hops, hemp and sunflowers.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

All Terrain Wheelchair

The TC Mobility Tank Chair is a wheelchair that can take you nearly everywhere. This allows people who usually are unable to navigate the outdoors to keep up with friends and join in on the fun.

The Tank Chair is powered by a high-torque electric motor. Rubber tracks and treads allow the chair to go through any terrain. The creators include streams, snow, gravel and mud as examples of things that won’t stand in this wheel chair’s way. This chair can even climb up small steps.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Wind Power Without the Blades

Noise from wind turbine blades, inadvertent bat and bird kills and even the way wind turbines look have made installing them anything but a breeze. New York design firm Atelier DNA has an alternative concept that ditches blades in favor of stalks. Resembling thin cattails, the Windstalks generate electricity when the wind sets them waving. The designers came up with the idea for the planned city Masdar, a 2.3-square-mile, automobile-free area being built outside of Abu Dhabi. Atelier DNA’s "Windstalk"project came in second in the Land Art Generator competition a contest sponsored by Madsar to identify the best work of art that generates renewable energy from a pool of international submissions.

The proposed design calls for 1,203 "“stalks," each 180-feet high with concrete bases that are between about 33- and 66-feet wide. The carbon-fiber stalks, reinforced with resin, are about a foot wide at the base tapering to about 2 inches at the top. Each stalk will contain alternating layers of electrodes and ceramic discs made from piezoelectric material, which generates a current when put under pressure. In the case of the stalks, the discs will compress as they sway in the wind, creating a charge.

“The idea came from trying to find kinetic models in nature that could be tapped to produce energy,” explained Atelier DNA founding partner Darío Núñez-Ameni.

In the proposal for Masdar, the Windstalk wind farm spans 280,000 square feet. Based on rough estimates, said Núñez-Ameni the output would be comparable to that of a conventional wind farm covering the same area.

“Our system is very efficient in that there is no friction loss associated with more mechanical systems such as conventional wind turbines,” he said.

Each base is slightly different, and is sloped so that rain will funnel into the areas between the concrete to help plants grow wild. These bases form a sort of public park space and serve a technological purpose. Each one contains a torque generator that converts the kinetic energy from the stalk into energy using shock absorber cylinders similar to the kind being developed by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Levant Power .

Wind isn’t constant, though, so Núñez-Ameni says two large chambers below the whole site will work like a battery to store energy. The idea is based on existing hydroelectric pumped storage systems. Water in the upper chamber will flow through turbines to the lower chamber, releasing stored energy until the wind starts up again.

The top of each tall stalk has an LED lamp that glows when the wind is blowing -- more intensely during strong winds and not all when the air is still. The firm anticipates that the stalks will behave naturally, vibrating and fluttering in the air.

“Windstalk is completely silent, and the image associated with them is something we're already used to seeing in a field of wheat or reeds in a marsh. Our hope is that people living close to them will like to walk through the field -- especially at night -- under their own, private sky of swarming stars,” said Núñez-Ameni.

After completion, a Windstalk should be able to produce as much electricity as a single wind turbine, with the advantage that output could be increased with a denser array of stalks. Density is not possible with conventional turbines, which need to be spaced about three times the rotor's diameter in order to avoid air turbulence. But Windstalks work on chaos and turbulence so they can be installed much closer together, said Núñez-Ameni.

Núñez-Ameni also reports that the firm is currently working on taking the Windstalk idea underwater. Called Wavestalk, the whole system would be inverted to harness energy from the flow of ocean currents and waves. The firm’s long-term goal is to build a large system in the United States, either on land or in the water.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tiger Stone (Road Builder)

 The labour-intensive work of paving a road has been simplified by a Dutch machine called the Tiger-Stone.Wherever the device goes, it will produce an instant road in the front.

Tiger-Stone is a Dutch made paving machine that uses gravity and an electric motor to print stone and brick roads. It’s a six meter wide machine that is capable of laying 300 square meters of road a day. The printing width is adjustable from the width of a road to as narrow as a bike lane or walkway

Monday, 3 September 2012

Photovoltaics System

Every parking lot ought to look like this. Shades the cars while producing free energy. Germany has created over 500,000 new jobs by pushing hard into solar and wind energy - providing incentives for everyone to install and as a result, they will be able to move forward with their plans to shut down all their nuclear power plants in the next decade.

Barreleye Fish

With a head like a fighter-plane cockpit, a Pacific barreleye fish shows off its highly sensitive, barrel-like eyes--topped by green, orblike lenses--in a picture released last 2009 but taken in 2004.

The fish, discovered alive in the deep water off California's central coast by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), is the first specimen of its kind to be found wit
h its soft transparent dome intact.

The 6-inch (15-centimeter) barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) had been known since 1939--but only from mangled specimens dragged to the surface by nets.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Trees Cocooned in Spider Webs

Weird and unusual
Trees cocooned in spider webs in Sindh,Pakistan during the flood,as the water level was very high and the area was sank for long,spiders took shelter in all those trees and cocooned the trees,this phenomenon was proved to be a blessing for the people as the mosquitoes were lesser than usual,the mosquitoes got trapped in all those webs,so people were relief from malaria and other diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Countries With The Best And Worst Investor Protection

American companies may be some of the most innovative and profitable around, with the likes of Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart and Microsoft sporting market capitalizations rivaling the GDPs of the largest economies in the world, but a quick glance at the world's fastest growing economies shows that opportunities abound around the world.

Taking Care in International Markets
Ready to plunk down cash for international equities? Not so fast. Just because you've read that Nigeria is awash with oil or heard that China's growing middle class can't get enough luxury goods doesn't mean that you know how companies there operate. After all, you are probably pretty sure what to expect when you deal with a company based in the United States, but what about a country on the other side of the world? Unless you ha connections or have already done business there, you are going to be dealing with a level of uncertainty that could wind up spelling the difference between a profitable venture and a disaster. For the minority investor - the investor who doesn't have a controlling share of a company's stock - the world can be a scary place.

World Bank Ratings
How can you determine which countries are risky and which ones aren't, when it comes to investor protection? The World Bank's "Doing Business" report is a good place to start. The report examines investor protection laws in 183 economies, specifically focusing on publicly traded manufacturing companies. The rankings are based on a review of three primary types of regulations:

  • The extent of disclosure: how do companies report related-party transactions?
  • The extent of director liability: can executives be held liable for what they do with corporate assets?
  • The ease of shareholder suits: can investors get a hold of the company documents they need if they want to sue?
The rankings are based on a 10-point scale, with a score of zero meaning that investors have the least amount of protection.

The countries where investors have the most protection:

Country Protection Ranking
New Zealand 9.7
Singapore 9.3
Hong Kong 9.0
Malaysia 8.7
Canada 8.3
Columbia 8.3
Ireland 8.3
Israel 8.3
United States 8.3
United Kingdom 8.0

You probably didn't find these rankings all that surprising. Six of the countries are part of the OECD, most are widely considered to be economically and politically stable and only one, Malaysia, is considered an emerging economy. With the exception of New Zealand, all are considered by the IMF to be part of the fifty largest economies.

The countries where investors have the least protection:

Country Protection Ranking
The Gambia 2.7
Guinea 2.7
Kosovo 2.7
Federated States of Micronesia 2.7
Palau 2.7
Djibouti 2.3
Venezuela 2.3
Suriname 2.0
Laos 1.7
Afghanistan 1.0

You may not have been overly surprised by this list either. It's marked by countries that have experienced war or coups within the last two decades - not something that makes the development of solid regulations all that easy. Most are also fairly small economies, though Venezuela is the exception; its GDP is greater than five of the economies in the "most protected" list and is considered to be middle income. It graces this list because its institutions have been severely weakened by the central government in recent years.

Consumer Protection
What's the point of laws that protect minority investors? After all, why would the leadership in Switzerland or Swaziland care about what protections American investors, or any foreign investors for that matter, with minority stakes get? Money. Without regulations creating investor protections, companies would have a harder time raising funds because investors would shy away from equities. This leaves the debt market as the primary source of funding and companies in risky countries are more likely to face steep rates. When countries create strong investor protection laws they are sending a signal: we want you to trust our companies, so trust that we're not going to fleece you.

The Bottom Line
Strong investor protections come from transparency. Investors want to know that their money is being used to make companies grow, not to line the pockets of insiders. Those with controlling interest should be held accountable for what they do with company funds, and if investors think that their only way out is through a lawsuit, then they should have access to the documents that will allow them to take their case to court.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World

List of World’s Most Expensive Houses

House Name
Current Value
Gold house
$ 12.2 Billion
$ 1.00 Billion
Villa Leopolda
$ 736 Million
The Penthouse
$ 225 Million
Henley Mansion
$ 218 Million
Fairfield Pond
$ 198 Million
Hearst Mansion
$ 165 Million
Franchuk Villa
$ 161 Million
The Pinnacle
$ 155 Million
The Manor
$ 150 Million

10. The Manor

Built in 1991 by Aaron Spelling and modeled after a French chateau, it covers 58,000 square feet and has 123 rooms, bowling alley, a gym, pool, tennis court, movie theater, and an entire wing for Spelling’s wife’s wardrobe. Situated in Los Angeles, California it is the most expensive residential real estae listing in the States with a price tag of $ 150 Million.

9. The Pinnacle

The biggest house in the exclusive “Yellowstone Club” ski and golf community in Montana, this structure has 10 bedrooms, fireplaces in every bathroom and a unique chair lift directly from back door to the nearby ski-resort. Owned by Tim Blixseth this place is currently priced at $ 155 Million, it is rather a ski-resort than a house.

8. Franchuk Villa

The five storey Victorian Villa complete with marble panelling and basement swimming pools, this structure boasts 21,000 square feet of living space with 20 foot high ceilings, a sauna, gym, movie theatre, and news room. Another standard feature it includes is a panic room that is present in almost every multi-million dollar mansion. Located in Kensigton, London, England it was bought by Ukrainian businesswoman Elena Franchuk and considered the world’s most expensive single residential dwelling at $161 Million.

7. Hearst Mansion

Built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, this massive creation was also featured in the movie “The Godfather”. Residing in Beverly Hills, Californai, it includes 6 residences,29 bedrooms, 3 pools, a nightclub and tow giant towers modeled after the church of Santa Maria Mayor of Spain. This is where the 35th President of United States John F. Kennedy spent his hhoneymoon and is currently priced at $165 Million.

6. Ira Rennert (Fairfield Pond)

Currently the most valuable home in United States, built on over 110,000 square feet with 66,000 square-foot main house with 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms, this is the fourth most expensive house on our list. This palace is completed with a basketball court, bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts and a $150,000 hot tub managed to have a property tax of $397,559 in 2007 and is currently valued at $198 Million.

5. Henley Mansion

This extravagant mansion covers almost 3000 square metres of livin space complete with state-of-the-art security system, helipad,spa complex, home cinema and two golf courses. Now owned by a Russian billionaire for $218 Million, this structure is 300-years old now with numerous stories of haunting and a dark past to back all up.

4. The Penthouse at One Hyde Park

Third on the list is the $225 Million flat in London’s richest quarter. Neighbouring 82 other apartments in the building costing more than $9000 per square foot, the building features bulletproof windows, iris scanners and “panic room” for security purposes with British SAS watching over the building. Reports of the pending penthouse also include floor-to-ceiling refrigerators and a 24-hour room service

3. Villa Leopolda

Built by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902, is a 27 stories summer home with 19 bedrooms and 50 full-time gardeners. This spectacular home in French Reviera of 29,00 square foot has one of the best beachfront views in the south of France. Formerly owned by the richest person in the world Bill Gates, this masterpiece stands at the staggering price of around $736 Million in the market today.

2. Antilla

It  had set the record for the most expensive house in the world was set in 2009 when Indian miltibillionaire Mukesh Ambani moved to their new home “Antilla” in Mumbai, India. Built in accordance with Vaastu Shastra, this modern day palace is 570 feet tall, 27-storey with six floors of parking, a health level with jacuzzi, gym and “ice room”, a ballroom level, four story garden and floors with bedrooms and bathrooms along with a staff of around 600. Each floor is unique in its design looking like a different house with every next level. The current price for this house stands at $ 1.00 Billion.

1. Gold house

Currently rumored to be the most expensive house ever built costing over $ 12.2 Billion by "King of Bling", Stuart Hughes, is the house located in a secret location in Switzerland. Known as the world’s first “Gold-house”, with 200.000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings and the specially designed flooring made from meteoric stone with shavings of original 65 million year old T-Rex Dinosaur bones embedded in each tile. Sitting on 2,442 square meters, it has living space of 752 square meters with 338 square meters of terrace, wine cellar of 25 square meters, 8 rooms and a 4 car garage. It might be a little over-exaggerated according to the sources.









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